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FFA World Tuna Day statement

FFA Statement
World Tuna Day May 2, 2015

FFA HQ, Honiara, SOLOMON ISLANDS.– First celebrated across the globe on May 2 2012, World Tuna Day helps strengthen the voice of Pacific nations striving to ensure their successes and challenges are part of the global tuna conversation.

 As the resource owners of the regions multi-billion-dollar fishery, it is clearly important that Pacific knowledge, progress and experiences must lead the global tuna conversations, and we fully support PNA’s initiative for a World Tuna Day to keep the global focus on the region where a third of the world's tuna is fished.

FFA Trade and Industry News Vol 8: Issue 1 January-February 2015


Volume 8: Issue 1January-February 2015

By Liam Campling and Elizabeth Havice[1]


Fisheries Trade

EU loins quota for 2015 exhausted on first day

Fisheries Regulation

Solomon Islands ‘yellow carded’ under EU-IUU Fishing Regulation

Six nations identified by US for IUU fishing

The domestic politics of the EU IUU regulation in the Philippines 

Indonesia strengthens fisheries regulation to combat IUU fishing

Solomon Islands government to improve fisheries management

(Solomon Star News, 27 Jan 2015)

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare said his Democratic Coalition for Change Government will be taking to Parliament a new fisheries legislation to ensure proper management of the country’s fisheries.

Mr Sogavare revealed this when he met with Tri Marine CEO Renato Curto yesterday afternoon to discuss the importance of maintaining access to the tuna market in the European Union (EU) for the tuna industry in Solomon Islands.

He said EU recently gave notice to the Solomon Islands Government to improve the way it manages the country’s fisheries else it will ban Solomon Islands exports to the EU.

Prime Minister Sogavare said he is directing the Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resources to take whatever steps are necessary to correct the problems in the country’s fisheries management practices that have been highlighted by the EU.

He told Mr Curto that the continued operation of SolTuna and NFD is critically important to Solomon Islands economy and food security.

Read more on: DCC to improve fisheries management

PIMRIS to test 'LibraryBox' from the IAMSLIC 40th Conference

IAMSLIC group photo

The 40th International Association of Aquatic and Marine Science Libraries and Information Centres (IAMSLIC) Conference held at the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) Headquarters in Noumea, New Caledonia may have ended in September last year, but the new partnership between PIMRIS (Pacific Islands Marine Resources Information System) and IAMSLIC through the 'LibraryBox' has just started.  PIMRIS was gifted with two 'LibraryBox' (gadget) during the conference, to test out in the Pacific Islands region especially in areas without reliable internet access.

PIMRIS is grateful to Steve Watkins and IAMSLIC for the new tools and is looking forward to testing these out in the field, once selected locations (Pacific Island fisheries or marine libraries) are ready.