COVID-19 News Updates

FAO Policy brief:  How is COVID-19 affecting the fisheries and aquaculture food systems

This policy brief reviews on going challenges and proposes measures to protect production and income of the sector and the most vulnerable, as well as maintain operations and support the supply chain.'


WorldFish Center - COVID-19 News and Updates

'To assist researchers and policymakers working under challenging conditions to manage the COVID-19 outbreak WorldFish will be providing frequent updates around fish and aquatic food systems from key countries where we operate.'



Pacific Community (SPC) COVID-19 Updates

'COVID-19 represents a significant challenge for the region. The Pacific Community (SPC), as the Council of Regional Organisations in the Pacific (CROP) lead in public health, has taken all necessary measures to help address the spread of COVID-19.'


Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP): COVID-19 - Health Waste Management

''SPREP, as the Pacific Regional Centre for the Joint Implementation of the Basel and Waigani Conventions, have shared crucial information on practical medical waste management guidelines from the UN Basel Convention’s Technical Guidelines on the Environmentally Sound Management of Biomedical and Healthcare Wastes with relevant authorities...'